2020 Scholarships

Scholarship applications for study in 2021 are open from 1st July to 31st August.

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The Australian Nurses Memorial Centre is proud to offer scholarships for nurses and midwives as part of its mission to act as “a living memorial” by advancing the nursing profession through education. The ANMC provides and administers scholarships for nurses and midwives undertaking postgraduate study by course work or research at an Australian university or other accredited higher education institution.

The ANMC is pleased to announce the inclusion in 2020 of three scholarships, each valued at $10,000, sponsored by the Epworth Medical Foundation. The scholarships are awarded in the memory of Ethel Gray, the first matron of Epworth Hospital appointed in 1920.

Since 2008 the ANMC has collaborated with the Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women as sponsor of scholarships for nurses undertaking postgraduate study involving care of the older person or palliative care.

These Scholarships valued at $5,000 to $10,000 are offered annually to a number applicants.


The Anne Murray Scholarship for the Study of Dementia Care

This scholarship valued at $15,000, generously sponsored by Ms Dolores Makris in honour of Anne Murray, will be awarded to a nurse undertaking postgraduate study of dementia care in 2021.


Scholarship applications are taken between 1st July and 31st August each year

Scholarship applications are presently Closed


Epworth Centenary Scholarships

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    When Epworth Hospital first opened in 1920, its founders were so determined that Ethel Gray was the best and only matron to lead the care of its patients that they were willing to wait many months to secure her.

    Born in Carlton in 1876, she was one of the most highly-decorated members of the Australian Army Nursing Service. She was mentioned twice in dispatches, was appointed Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and was the only Australian woman to ever receive the Medaille de la Reconnaissance Française.

    When the war ended, Ethel took the post as Matron of the newly-opened Epworth Hospital, where she served for almost two decades, until her retirement in 1939. She generously donated to the hospital during her time as Matron, and left a major bequest in her Will to continue to care for patients after she passed. Matron Gray was dearly loved, and is remembered to this day for her tireless championing of both patients and nurses, helping to make Epworth great.

    The Anne Murray Scholarship for the study of Dementia Care

    In 2017 the Australian Nurses Memorial Centre introduced a Scholarship in the memory of Anne Murray. Anne was a Prince Henry’s nurse whos career took her to London’s Stoke Mandeville Hospital Spinal Injuries Centre. She joined the RAF as officer – medical evacuations and worked in Zimbabwe & Johannesburg hospitals. After retiring in 2010 Anne was diagnosed with early frontal lobe dementia and passed away in 2014. This Scholarship is generously provided by Anne’s dear friend and life partner, Ms Dolores Makris.

    The Anne Murray Scholarship for the study of Dementia Care is open to nurses undertaking postgraduate Nursing Studies at an Australian University or other accredited higher education institute and studying in the area of mental health.

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    Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women Scholarships

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      The Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women (ALS) was formed originally to offer assistance and support to Australian Ex-Servicemen and women. In 2006 the Australian Legion, through the Victorian Veterans Council, made available funds for scholarships to further the education of registered nurses in Victoria in the areas of aged care and palliative care nursing.

      The Australian Nurses Memorial Centre in association with the Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women, is pleased to offer Scholarships for nurses undertaking postgraduate study in Care of the Older Person or Palliative Care. The Scholarships are for one year of study at a recognised Australian University.

      ALS Scholarships are available to nurses who are either current or ex-service personnel or a family member of a person who has served in the Australian Defence Force at any time. Priority will be given to nurses who are committed to working in a rural or regional area on completion of their study program.

      ANMC Vivian Bullwinkel Award

      This Award is to honour one of the ANMC’s founders, Lieutenant-Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel AO, MBE, ARRC, ED (1915–2000). Vivian Bullwinkel joined the Australian Army Nursing Service in 1941 and was sent to Singapore just before it fell to Japanese forces.  The Australian nurses were evacuated on the SS ‘Vyner Brooke’ which was then bombed by the Japanese. Survivors clambered onto lifeboats, some being lost at sea, and others came to shore at Bangka Island. Vivian was the sole survivor of the subsequent massacre on Radji Beach and survived more than three years of internment in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

      Vivian went on to a distinguished career.  She became a pioneer in the nursing profession, devoted to improving the welfare and education of nurses. Vivian served on the council of the Australian War Memorial, and later as president of the Australian College of Nursing.  She never forgot those local Malaysian women who had fed her and Kingsley, a soldier survivor of the SS Vyner Brooke.  In their honour, she set up a program for women from that region to train as nurses in Australia.  Vivian also became Director of Nursing at the prestigious Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital in Melbourne.

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      ANMC Betty Jeffrey Award

      The Betty Jeffrey Award – Betty Jeffrey, OAM (1908-2000) is honoured through this Award as one of the ANMC’s founders. In 1941 Betty joined the Australian Army Nursing Service.  She was posted to the 2/10th Australian General Hospital, Malacca in Malaya and later to Singapore.  Betty was evacuated from Singapore also on the SS ‘Vyner Brooke‘ which was bombed by the Japanese.  Betty spent two and a half days in the water, eventually reaching the mangroves at Bangka Island.  She was taken prisoner, spending three and a half years in captivity.  Betty managed to keep a diary of her experiences as a prisoner of war which was published as ‘White Coolies’.

      After returning home to Melbourne and spending two years in hospital, Betty travelled around Victoria in 1947 with Vivian Bullwinkel to raise funds in order to establish a Nurses Memorial Centre in Melbourne; a place for nurses to meet and further their education. This was a promise she had made in the prison camp: that upon their return, the nurses would create a living memorial to those who did not return. Betty become the Nurses Memorial Centre’s first Administrator in 1949 when it opened, and later its Patron.

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      ANMC Mental Health Scholarship

      The Australian Nurses Memorial Centre is pleased to offer the Mental Health Scholarship for nurses undertaking postgraduate study in mental health care.  The aim of this scholarship is to increase access to postgraduate study for nurses undertaking further qualifications in mental health.

      Any course of study or research in nursing that aims to improve patient mental health outcomes would qualify the applicant for this Scholarship.  The Scholarship is for one year of study in 2021 at an Australian University or other accredited higher education institution.

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      ANMC Indigenous Nurse Scholarship

      This scholarship, now in its forth year, is made possible by generous donations to the Australian Nurses Memorial Centre.  The ANMC recognises the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurses to the health and well-being of the community.

      We are pleased to continue support of our Indigenous Nurse Scholarship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurses undertaking postgraduate nursing studies at an Australian University or other accredited higher education institution.

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      How to apply for a Scholarship

      Please ensure you fill out the form that is applicable to your study


        Carefully read all criteria and gather the information needed for eligibility


        Fill out all sections of the application


        Print your application to PDF and email to the ANMC