Nurses War Stories

Stories of heroism, suffering, loss, sacrifice and resilience.

The ANMC was founded by Australian War Nurses who survived unimaginable adversity during the WWII - here are some of their stories.

65 nurses leave Singapore…

At the fall of Singapore, 65 nurses would leave on the SS Vyner Brooke. The ship was bombed on 14th Feb 1942. 12 nurses would be lost at sea. 22 nurses would make it to Radji Beach. 21 were massacred. Vivian Bullwinkel survived. Vivian joined the remaining 31 nurses, who eventually made it to Bangka Island, to be taken prisoners of war.

Eight nurses would not survive captivity. Only 24 would return home to Australia.

Nurses of the Banka Island Massacre

Lost at Sea - SS Vyner Brooke Casualties